Normal Editions Workshop

Beyond The Norm 

Juror's Choice Award:
The Juror's Choice award will be selected by Susan Tallman from submitted entries.  The award winner will participate in a collaboration with Normal Editions Workshop (NEW) taking place over a 5-7 day period during the 2017-2018 academic year.  Specific details of the collaboration will be arranged between the selected artist and NEW, with the workshop retaining final approval of the project.

Travel and Housing:
The artist will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses following the completion of the collaboration.  Specific details, including ticket reservations or gas/mileage costs will be discussed with the artist prior to the project.  The artist's housing will be supplied by NEW for the duration of the project, not exceeding seven days/ six nights.  Food and other expenses will be the responsibility of the artist.  These accommodations are for the artist only, no housing or travel will be provided for family members, pets, or friends of the artist.

Project Details:
The winning artist collaborates with NEW to complete a printed image on paper no larger than 15" x 20" and utilizing up to four printed layers.  During the course of the collaboration the artist will work with the Normal Editions Workshop faculty, staff, and students in the completion of a Right to Print (RTP) image that will be editioned at a later date.  The scope of the edition will be negotiated between the artist and NEW but will be no less than twenty impressions and no more than fifty impressions.  The artist will keep half of the completed numbered edition while the remaining impressions, along with two Illinois State University Impressions, one Normal Editions Workshop Impression, and an appropriate number of Printer's Proofs, will remain with the University, Normal Editions Workshop, and collaborative team members as applicable.  NEW may use images of the artist at work, the printing process, photographic/digital reproductions of the final piece for educational and promotional purposes.  The artist retains the copyright for the completed artwork.

Curators' Choice Award:
The curators' choice award will be selected by the University Galleries curatorial staff:  Barry Blinderman (Director), Kendra Paitz (Senior Curator), and Jason Judd (Curator).  The selection will be made from actual works on display in the exhibition and will be announced at the reception on September 20th.  This one-person exhibition will take place in the project space at University Galleries of Illinois State University the 2017-2018 season.  The artist will be responsible for shipping and insuring work to and from University Galleries.  Specific details of the exhibition will be arranged between the winning artist and University Galleries, with University Galleries Staff retaining final approval of the exhibition details. 

Contact Information:
Any questions can be directed to Normal Editions Workshop
    phone: (309) 438-7530