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a portfolio honoring James D. Butler, distinguished Professor of Art Emeritus at Illinois State University and
2012 Outstanding Printmaker Award winner from Mid America Print Council

This on-line exhibition features images of the works presented in portfolio to Jim Butler by the following colleagues, alumni, students, and visiting artists

James D.
              Butler and Kathy Butler cover
              image of catalog viewing of
              the portfolio prints

James and Kathy Butler, Cape Girardeau, MO, November 1, 2012 catalog cover
Viewing of the gift portfolio during Butler's exhibition at Southeast Missouri State University
image of monotype with silver leaf "Inside
                Out" by Brooke Ball
Brooke Ball
Inside Out
monoprint with silver leaf
11" × 8.5"
relief etching "Glow and Afterimage I" by
                Tonia Bonnell
Tonia Bonnell
Glow and Afterimage I

relief etching
11" × 8.5"
lithograph "The Girl who Could Fly" by
                Jan Brandt
Jan Brandt
The Girl Who Could fly
11" × 8.5"

image for
                etchingw "Several Thursdays Ago: Just Shy of
                Center" by Sam Buchanan
Sam Buchanan
Several Thursdays Ago; Just Shy of center
etching with chine-collé
8.5" × 11"

digital print "In Between" by Kaye
Kaye Buchman
In Between
digital print, archival ink on bamboo paper
11" × 8.5"
                and Gouache on paper "July 8, 2012" by Rodney
Rodney Carswell
July 8, 2012
ink and gouache on paper|
8.5" × 11"

Etching, Mezotint & chine colle "Trapped
                Winds" by Sean Caulfield
Sean Caulfield
Trapped Winds

etching, mezotint, and chine-collé
11" × 8.5"
relief, monoprint & collage
                "untitled" by Johnny DiscoJohnny Disco
Good Evening

relief, monoprint, and collage
8.5" × 11"

                paint on paper "Durer's Dream by Bob Erickson
Bob Erickson
Durer's Dream
oil paint on paper
11" × 8.5"

                lithograph "Duality: Extension" by Richard
                FinchRichard Finch
Duality: Extension

two-color lithograph
8.5" × 11"

graphite and acrylic on collaged papers "No
                Title (Bemis Varation)" by John Fraser
John Fraser
No Title (Bemis Variation)
graphite and acrylic on collaged papers
11" × 8.5"
acrylic on paper "James" by Lea Friesen
Lea Friesen
acrylic on paper
11" × 8.5"
lithograph, mezotint, monotype, & pastel
                "Study for Three" by Brandon GunBrandon Gunn
Study for Three
lithograph, mezotint, monotype, & pastel
8.5" × 11"
lithography "For Every Treadle its Rest"
                by Chis Hagen
Chris Hagen
For Every Treadle its Rest

11" × 8.5"

screen print and graphite drawing
                "Inheritance" by Melissa Haviland
Melissa Haviland
screen print and graphite drawing
11" × 8.5"
 lithograph, linocut, graphie, ink, encaustic, oil
                "Of years again completes itself." by Julia
Julia Heatherwick
Of years again completes itself
lithograph, linocut, graphite, ink, encaustic, oil
11" × 8.5"
                paping on lithograph "Entanglement Series" by
                Sue Hettmansperger
Sue Hettmansperger
Entanglement Series
oil paint on lithograph
11" × 8.5"
 pencil and paper "Yee Haw Beans" by John
John Himmelfarb
Yee Haw Beans
pencil on paper
11" × 8.5"
 digital print "Series 2-#5" by Katie
Katie Johnson
Series 2 - #5
digital print
8.5" × 11"
 image of monotype "Retirement Mandala" by
                Kelsey Just
Kelsey Just
Retirement Mandela
11" × 8.5"
photo etching and thread "Fragments of a
                Memory" by Yoko Kawazoe
Yoko Kawazoe
Fragments of a Memory
photo etching and thread
11" × 8.5"

multi-color lithograph "Reclining Portrait of
                a Man with a Gray Face, v.2" by Wayne Kimball
Wayne Kimball
Reclining Portrait of a Man with a Gray Face
multi-color lithograph
8" × 10
one-color lithograph "Reclining Portrait of
                  a Man with a Gray Face" by Wayne Kimball
Wayne Kimball
Reclining Portrait of a Man with a Gray Face, V. 2
four-color monochromatic lithograph
8" × 10"

 digitalprint, watercolor & trace monotype
                "My Ostraka: History IV/dv:lxii by Cynthia Kukla
Cynthia M. Kukla
My Ostraka: History IV / dv: lxii
digital print, watercolor, and trace monotype
8.5" × 11"

              pencil "Pasture Dance" by Jeff Little
Jeff Little
Pasture Dance
colored pencil
8.5" × 11"
woodcut and
              collage "Transitioning: erosion & elevation"
              by Lisa Lofgren

Lisa Lofgren
Transitioning: erosion & elevation
woodcut and collage
11" × 8.5"

              print and collage "Biding My Time" by Lori
Lori Niemtschk
Biding My Time
digital print and collage
8.5" × 11"
waxed digital
              and screen print "in Honor" by Mary Jane Parker

Mary Jane Parker
in Honor
waxed digital and screen print
11" × 8.5

linocut, collage & graphite "Healing
                Hands" by Teresa Parker
Teresa J. Parker
Healing Hands
linocut, collage, and graphite
11" × 8.5"
image for ink on paper "Sweet Green Icing:
                Hommage to Jim Butler" by Mark Pascale
Mark Pascale
Sweet Green Icing: Hommage to Jim Butler
ink on paper
11" × 8.5"
image for multi-color woodcut and etching
                "Summer" by Rudy Pozzatti
Rudy Pozzatti
multi-color woodcut and etching
16" × 11"
lithograph with stamped tex "Morgan Price Get
                it Together" by Morgan Price 
Morgan Price
Get it Together
lithograph with stamped text
11" × 8.5"

                "A Day Well Spent" by Meda Rives
Meda Rives
A Day Well Spent
8.5" × 11"

monotype "Turning" by Veda Rives
Veda Rives 
11" × 8.5"
monoprint "Red on Green" by Lyle Salmi
Lyle Salmi
Red on Green
8.5" × 11"

etching "untitled" by Marilee Salvator
Marilee Salvator
open bite, toner, aqua tint, line etching on copper
8.5" × 11"

collage printed materials on paper "V. C. A.
                21 for Jim" by Nick Satinover
Nick Satinover
V. C. A. 21 for Jim
collaged printed materials on paper
11" × 8.5"
mixed media "Quiet Spaces" by Amy
Amy Schmierbach
Quiet Spaces
mixed media
8.5" × 11"
monotype "Regalo" by Sarah Smelser
Sarah Smelser
8.5" × 11"
monotype "Vanitas Vanitatum Ohnia Vanitas ($28
                / month - you get what you pay for ...)" by Joan
Joan Smit
Vanitas Vanitatum Ohnia Vanitas ($28 / month -
you get what you pay for ...)
11" × 8.5"
image for ink on paper "11Books from my
                Library (for James Butler)" by Buzz Spector
Buzz Spector
11 Books from my Library (for James Butler)
ink on paper
11" × 8.5"

                and monotype "3 A.M." by Alyssa Tauber
Alyssa Tauber
3 A.M.
collagraph and monotype
8.5" × 11"

mixed media print "Thujopsis Tatto" by
                Phillip turner
Phillip Turner
Thujopsis Tatto

mixed media
11" × 8.5"
monoprint, lithography and etching
                "FN-46.2" by Tim Van Ginkel
Tim Van Ginkel
monoprint, lithography, and etching
11" × 8.5"
 mixed media "Honorless" by Pamela Wenger
Pamela Wenger
mixed media
11" × 8.5"
image for mixed media "Wild Turkey" by
                  John Whitesell
John Whitesell
Wild Turkey
mixed printmaking media
11" × 8.5"
relief and digital print "under a pale blue
                sky" by Jared Wittenmyer
Jared T. R.Wittenmyer
under a pale blue sky
relief and digital
11" × 8.5"
image for mixed media "Lace and Wood" by
                Sigrid Wonsil
Sigrid Wonsil
Lace and Wood

                engraving "Hanamaru" by Koici Yamamoto
Koichi Yamamoto
copper engraving
8.5" × 11"
cover image of catalog

Artists included in the exhibit:  Brooke Ball, Tonia Bonnell, Jan Brandt, Sam Buchanan,  Kaye Buchman, Rodney Carswell, Sean Caulfield,  Johnny Disco, Bob Erickson, Richard Finch, John Fraser, Lea Friesen, Brandon Gunn, Chris Hagen, Melissa Haviland, Julia Heatherwick, Sue Hettmansperger, John Himmelfarb, Katie Johnson, Kelsey Just, Yoko Kawazoe, Wayne Kimball, Cynthia M. Kukla, Jeff Little, Lisa Lofgren, Lori Niemtschk, Mary Jane Parker, Teresa J. Parker, Mark Pascale, Rudy Pozzatti, Morgan Price, Meda Rives, Veda Rives, Lyle Salmi, Marilee Salvator, Nick Satinover, Amy Schmierbach, Sarah Smelser, Joan Smit, Buzz Spector, Alyssa Tauber, Phillip Turner, Tim Van Ginkel, Pamela Wenger, John Whitesell, Jared Wittenmyer, Sigrid Wonsil and Koichi Yamamoto

A printed catalog with artists' statements, short  biographic information, and images is available.

view of
              reception attendees with Jim Butler
group photo
Jim Butler
              with reception attendees

Jim Butler greets reception attendees, November 1, 2012 ISU Gathering of alumni, faculty, students, and participants, Cape Girardeau, MO
Jim Butler speaking with reception attendees

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