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Wayne Kimball

Professor Wayne Kimball has taught Lithography and Drawing at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah since 1984.  He holds both an MFA from The University of Arizona in Tucson and a Tamarind Master Printer Certification (TMP) from the Tamarind Institute, The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. His exhibition record is extensive, including 55 solo exhibitions at various galleries, museums, and educational institutions; 414 regional, national, and international juried and invitational exhibitions; and 95 awards from juried competitive exhibitions.  In addition, Kimball’s work is represented in 75 permanent instuitional collections including: Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris, France; The National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC; The Brooklyn Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art; the National Gallery of Fine Arts, Washington, DC; Library of Congress, Washington, DC; New York University, The Phoenix Art Museum, and The Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Demonstration: Editioning of a Multi-Color Lithograph in the Normal Editions Workshop Studio
Daily: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Wayne Kimball rolling ink on a plate

Jim Butler sponges the plate

Wayne Kimball placing the edition paper on the plate

Cranking the press

Richard Finch and Wayne Kimball inspect the freshly printed impression

Wayne Kimball rolls black ink on the stone for the final run of the print

Cranking the press

Wayne Kimball lifts the freshly printed impression from the stone

Wayne Kimball inspects the print while Bekah McLean sponges the stone

Wayne Kimball speaks to the conference attendees during his demonstration

Discussion of printing multi-color lithographs with Wayne Kimball

Completed 10-run print in the foreground.
Wayne re-charging the roller with ink in the background.
prints by Wayne Kimball

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