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NEW team members 2017
2017 NEW Team members
Normal Editions Workshop (NEW)
NEW's mission in the School of Art at Illinois State University is publishing original fine art limited edition prints with collaborative teams of students, staff, and visiting artists in a professional print research facility to create new works of art, educate, and expand appreciation of printmaking media.

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40 Year anniversary
NEW celebrates
40 years of collaborative printing this year

Current collaborations:
Josefina Munoz
John Himmelfarb
Melissa Oresky

Current and Upcoming Events:
Fall 2017: Visiting Artist Amy Cousins

Recent NEW Publications available for purchase
Jason Walker
Maritza Dávila
Stephanie Liner
Laura Splan
Stephen Lacy
Lorraine Shemesh
Olivia Valentine

33rd Annual Printmakers’ Exhibition and Sale 
Friday, December 8th, 2017 in CVA 123 (Intaglio Studio)
join us next year for this great event showcasing hundreds of original prints by
Illinois State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visiting artists

reviewing prints
Melissa Oresky reviews proofs
during a monotype session
John Himmelfarb
John Himmelfarb-Visiting Artist drawing with
Stabilo pencils on Velvet Tone Mylar
Visiting Artists, Jason Walker, with Morgan Price
                and Veda Rives
Jason Walker-Visiting Artist, with selected impression, Morgan Price, & Veda Rives
Maritza Davila signing the "Right to
                Print" impression with Veda Rives
Maritza Davila-Visiting Artist, signing the
"Right to Print" impression with Veda Rives
Amanda Smith mixing ink for Stephanie Liner,
                Visiting Artist
Amanda Smith mixing ink for
Stephanie Liner-Visiting Artist
Laura Splan, Visiting Artist, watches the
                photo-litho plate development process Morgan Price and
                Veda Rives
Laura Splan-Visiting Artist, views photo-litho
process with Morgan Price & Veda Rives
printing blue ink on Academy Records project
Cara Kerchner sponges for the blue
print run with Veda Rives at the roller
revealing the printed image
Veda Rives reveals the image with
printing assistant, Sam Buchanan
working at the press
Sarah Smelser & Veda Rives at the press
during a proofing session
discussing various proofs
Lorraine Shemesh-Visiting Artist, Sarah,
Veda, & Morgan review proofs
sponging the plate
Morgan Price sponges the plate before Veda Rives rolls ink for edition printing
olivia valentine collaboration discussion at the
Olivia Valentine-Visiting Artist, Chris Hagen & Veda Rives review proofs from a photo-litho plate
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This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency Logo for the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency 
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