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Here are some views of the staff and visiting artists at work in Normal Editions Workshop:

Hector Duarte working on a color sketch for the collaborative print project.

Hector Duarte drawing.

Hector Duarte drawing the image on the lithography stone.

A view of the image in progress while Mr. Duarte draws it.

Hector Duarte in the Lithography II class.

Hector Duarte in the Life Drawing II class.

Hector Duarte in an Intaglio class.

Intaglio Students reviewing the print portfolio which
Hector Duarte shared with the class.

Hector Duarte speaking at the public lecture October 17, 2006.

A view of the lecture hall before the public talk began.

Lori Niemtschk and Hector Duarte show a reductive woodcut print 
during the public lecture.  Brenda Mendoza helps as an interpreter.

Hector Duarte during the public lecture.

School of Art reception honoring Hector Duarte.

Authentic Mexican cuizine for the reception.

Hector Duarte, speaking with Joyce Apple from the Office of Student Affairs.

Reception in the Lithography Studio for Hector Duarte.

Hector Duarte speaks with a student during the reception.

Hector Duarte surrounded by I.S.U. students, faculty and friends 
at the School of Art reception.

Harold Boyd drawing with charbonnel wash on a lithographic stone.

Meda Rives and Lori Niemtschk mixing inks for the Boyd project.

Harold Boyd drawing.

 Meda Rives mixing ink for run # 1.

Lori Niemtschk tearing paper for the Boyd edition. 

Richard Finch working the roller for the first color.

Brandon Gunn and Jason Judd apply ink to the printing element.

Veda Rives and Richard Finch printing run #1.

Brandon Gunn and Lea Friesen prepare to roll the plate for run#1.

Meda Rives sponging the plate and Veda Rives rolling ink.

Meda Rives and Richard Finch printing run #6.

Richard Finch and Harold Boyd making final decions for the R.T.P. impression

Dan Gamble, Visiting Artist, observes Jason Judd and Veda Rives proofing a plate during the color trial proofing of the collaborative print project.

Jason Judd sponges the lithographic plate.

Veda Rives rolls on the red ink during the color trial proofing session for the Dan Gamble project.  Jason Judd assists as the sponger.  Meda Rives (right), taking notes.

Richard Finch, Director; Veda Rives, Associate Director; and John Fraser, Visiting Artist, begin the collaborative print project.

Inspecting the color trial proof results.

Veda rolling the ink on the large roller while Richard sponges the litho stone which carries the image created by John Fraser.

Run #2 in the color proofing the project which has 8 colors in 6 runs.

Richard Finch talcing a mylar for a color 
separation plate.

Veda Rives noting ink color formulas.

Meda Rives mixing inks.

Phyllis Bramson, Visiting Artist, drawing on a mylar.

(left to right) Chris Shepherd, Phyllis Bramson, Richard Finch, Meda Rives,
John Disco working on ink preparations for the color trial proofing.
Chris Shepherd and Richard Finch rolling the key plate.

Phyllis Bramson and Richard Finch inspect the in-progress proofs.

Phyllis Bramson contemplating split fountain color samples.

Veda Rives, John Disco, Phyllis Bramson and Nathan Bailey preparing 
to test a color for the snow areas of the print.

Meda Rives testing color samples for the split fountain bulbs in the image.

Meda Rives and Richard Finch inspecting the color samples on the proof.

Richard Finch prepares to roll the ink on the stone while Meda Rives sponges the stone's surface to protect the non-image areas from attracting ink.
Veda Rives is cranking the press in this proofing session. Each impression is printed individually by applying pressure to the paper which has been placed on top of the inked stone.

Meda Rives and Richard Finch proofing a stone lithograph for James Butler, guest artist.

Veda Rives wipes a copper plate for an intaglio print in the CIVA suite Florence Portfolio

John Himmelfarb starts a drawing on mylar.

(clockwise from left) John Himmelfarb, Yoko Kawazoe, Chris Shepherd, and Richard Finch work on the project.

Tanisha Redict stops out a copper plate for the Wonsook Kim project.

Veda Rives stops out a copper plate for the Wonsook Kim project.

Rosalyn Schwartz drawing on a lithographic plates with Xerox toner.
Richard Finch and artist discuss a
                    plate in-progress
Rosalyn Schwartz and Richard Finch discuss the plate in-progress.
 Chris Sheperd setting toner image
                  on a plate
Graduate Assistant, Chris Shepherd setting a toner image for the Rosalyn Schwartz project

Yoko Kawazoe curating one of the Michael Chandler editions.

Rodney Carswell starts the key copper plate 
for the series of intaglio prints

Chris Shepherd, Graduate Assistant, inking and wiping the plate.

Chris Shepherd, Graduate Assistant, placing copper plate
on the bed of the intaglio press for printing.

Rodney Carswell working with various color trial proofs.

Rodney Carswell and Veda Rives colle elements to the print.

Richard Finch, Veda Rives, and Rodney Carswell at work.

Arturo Herrera drawing on a stone.

Amy Schmierbach, Graduate Assistant, 
sharpens litho pencils for Arturo Herrera.

John Phillips working on a lithographic plate.

John Phillips working on a mylar for a color separation plate.

Meda Rives, Richard Finch, and John Phillips 
collaborating on ink color selections.

Richard Finch and John Phillips inspecting proofs.

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