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        Rives-Interim Director, School of Art, College of Fine Arts,
        Illinois State University, Normal IL

The presence of the Normal Editions Workshop at Illinois State University calls attention to a unique institutional facility located centrally in Illinois. This attention brings prestige to the University as the programs within the School of Art are enhanced, as artists are provided with opportunities to explore and to utilize the collaborative process in printmaking, and as creative climates and dialogues are encouraged. The following images are examples of the works available in the traveling exhibitions:

Still Life with Glass and Clay by James D. Butler A Summer Landscape by James D. Butler
Ecstasy by Alex Grey
The Stripper by Jane Dickson
Tabula Tabula Picta
by John Himmelfarb
Quiz by John Himmelfarb
World Piece (Between the Lines) by Dann Nardi

The following exhibitions available from Normal Editions Workshop:
logo for
                    the exhibition "Marks from the Matrix"
The Twelve
                          Labors of Hercules by Rudy Pozzatti
logo for the
                    exhibition "Selected Impressions"

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