23rd Annual Printmakers’ Exhibition and Sale
Illinois State University     Center for the Visual Arts Building
CVA Rm 123 Friday, December 7, 2007 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
* All sale items are original artworks by Illinois State University students, faculty, and staff.
Most prices range from $2.00 to $50.00
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Featured Events at the Printsale:

Silent Auction

Wayne Kimball
Two Birds and a Bad Dive
ten-run lithograph
11" x 15"
copyright 2007, framed
Minimum bid: $250.00
Retail price: $350.00 (unframed)
Silent Auction

selected prints from the portfolio

a complete set of 49 prints from the exchange portfolio created for the Frontiers in Printmaking conference 
The works highlight diversity in subject matter, stylistic approach, and printmaking methods.
Each print is 5” x 7”.  Copyright 2007 (images of the complete portfolio)

Minimum bid: $150.00

Artists Include:  Rebecca Bailey, Charles Beneke, John Bergmeier, Joseph Bertsch, Cynthia Blasingham, Denise Bookwalter, Jan Brandt,
Carole J Brejcha, Christopher Cannon, Chase, Katie Conner, Maureen Cribbs, Eldon Cunningham, D, John Disco, Xenia Fedorchenko, 
Bridget Flaherty, Sarah Foley, Christopher Ganz, Shelley Gipson, Julia Goos, Diana Hatchitt, Joshua Hoesing, Eleanor Jensen, Brian Jones, 
Jamie Karoses, Ina Kaur, Joseph Lappie, Tavis Lester, Jeremy Lundquist, Christina McClelland, David Mohallatee, Mark Mowan, 
Lori Niemtschk, Gail Panske, Ellen Price, Patrick Reed, Kirsten Reinke, Meda Rives & Veda Rives, Lyle Salmi, Nick Satinover, Brian Selke, 
Joan Smit, Mariana Smith, Donna Stallard, Shane Stritesky, Crystal Wagner, Chase Wire, Sarah Wiseman, Jared Wittenmyer, and Kay Zuelsdorff.

$1.00 tickets

 Veda Rives 
Progression II
multicolor letterpress 
20" x 14" 
copyright 2007, matted 
Retail price: $100.00 (unframed)
Written bids may be 
submitted before and 
during the sale to 
Richard Finch, James Butler, 
Sarah Smelzer, or Veda Rives; 
via the U.S. mail; e-mail rdfinch@ilstu.edu
or in person at the sale. 
Written bids may be submitted before and during the sale to 
Richard Finch, James Butler, Sarah Smelzer, or Veda Rives; 
via the U.S. mail; e-mail rdfinch@ilstu.edu
or in person at the sale. 
Raffle tickets are only $1.00 !
Get your raffle tickets 
Dec. 7th at the 
Printmakers' Exhibition & Sale

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