24th Annual Printmakers’ Exhibition and Sale
Illinois State University     Center for the Visual Arts Building
CVA Rm 127 Friday, December 5, 2008 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
* All sale items are original artworks by Illinois State University students, faculty, and staff.
Most prices range from $2.00 to $50.00

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Featured Events at the Printsale:

Silent Auction

Harold Boyd
Child and Bully
one-color lithograph 
with handcoloring by the artist
22" x 15"
copyright 2008, framed
Minimum bid: $100.00
Retail price: $125.00 (unframed)


Silent Auction

The Press Portfolio

Harold Boyd

James D. Butler

Sean Caulfield

L.J. Douglas

Richard Finch

Ray George

Gary Justis

Shona MacDonald

Meda Rives 

Veda Rives 

The Press Portfolio
is a fundraising endeavor to benefit the Printmaking areas of the School of Art
                             The Press Portfolio is a suite of prints by 10 former and current faculty presented in portfolio with title and colophon pages.
           Participating Artists:  Harold Boyd, James D. Butler, Sean Caulfield, L.J. Douglas, Richard Finch,
                    Ray George, Gary Justis, Shona MacDonald, Meda Rives and Veda Rives
The works highlight diversity in subject matter,
stylistic approach, size of the image and printmaking methods.
Each print is 15” x 20”.  Copyright 2007 

Minimum bid: $900.00 for the entire suite

One suite will be split in order to sell the impressions separately: 
Minimum bid for individual prints is $100.00

Silent Auction

John Himmelfarb
one-color lithograph 
6 1/2" x 11"
copyright 1999, framed
Minimum bid: $200.00
Retail price: $400.00 (unframed)


Silent Auction

Sarah Smelser
four-color woodcut, 
monotype & colle
9" x 9"
copyright 2000, framed
Minimum bid: $200.00
Retail price: $400.00 (unframed)


Written bids may be submitted before and during the sale to 
Richard Finch, James Butler, or Veda Rives; 
via the U.S. mail; e-mail normaleditionsworkshop@ilstu.edu
or in person at the sale. 
Silent Auction

Wayne Kimball
Two Birds and a Bad Dive
ten-run lithograph
11" x 15"
copyright 2007, framed
Minimum bid: $200.00
Retail price: $350.00 (unframed)

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