exchange portfolio

Timeline is the exchange portfolio of prints from the Frontiers in Printmaking conference 
held at Illinois State University on October 3-5, 2007.

One complete set of prints is housed in the Normal Editions Workshop archive.

The only other complete set of prints from this exchange was sold in a silent auctioned during the 
23rd Annual Holiday Printmakers' Sale and Exhibition on December 7, 2007.

Opening Reception, Timeline October 5, 2007 ISU Graduate Studios, Bloomington

Rebecca Bailey
"In the Beginning..."

Charles Beneke  (untitled)

John Bergmeier
Timeline / Narrow Door

Joseph Bertsch 

Cynthia Blasingham
Timeline: Forever Young

Denise Bookwalter

Jan Brandt

Carole J Brejcha

Christopher Cannon 
"Orchestrated Dissolution"

Katie Conner
'Sunday Day"

Maureen Cribbs
The Poetry of Earth

Eldon Cunningham
Normal Time

John Disco
This Was

Xenia Fedorchenko
(One instance of no border resulting in toal enclosure)

Bridget Flaherty
(Ink of Battle)

Sarah Foley
"The Space between history and possibility"

Christopher Ganz
Revolutions = Revalatons

Shelley Gipson

Julia Goos

Diana Hatchitt

Josh Hoesing

Eleanor Jensen
Visual Adaptation

Brian Jones
Normal Lines

Jamie Karoses

Ina Kaur
"End of the line"

Joseph Lappie

Travis Lester
Midwest Proper

Jeremy Lundquist
1909 to 2007

Christina McClelland
"Tower Light"

David Mohallatee
untitled (652)

Mark Mowan
"Feet of Clay"

Lori Niemtschk
Say Goodbye, Don't Follow

Gail Panske
Templum: Time Line

Ellen Price
From Cranach's workshop: 
"...with a crown surmounted by excrement...."

Patrick Reed
End of the Line

Kirsten Reinke

Meda Rives & Veda Rives
Your Piece of our Continuous Lines

Lyle Salmi

Nick Satinover
"Red Lion Ohio"

Brian Selke
"Race Out John Henry"

Joan Smit
"Go Fish!"

Mariana Smith

Donna Stallard

Shane Stritesky
"Kurtz Means Short"

Crystal Wagner

Chase Wire

Sarah Wiseman
One Cup at a Time

Jared Wittenmyer

Kay Zuelsdorff

cover design by Turen Pence

Artists Included in the Exhibit:  Rebecca Bailey, Charles Beneke, John Bergmeier, Joseph Bertsch, Cynthia Blasingham, Denise Bookwalter, Jan Brandt, Carole J Brejcha, Christopher Cannon, Katie Conner, Maureen Cribbs, Eldon Cunningham, John Disco, Xenia Fedorchenko, Bridget Flaherty, Sarah Foley, Christopher Ganz, Shelley Gipson, Julia Goos, Diana Hatchitt, Joshua Hoesing, Eleanor Jensen, Brian Jones, Jamie Karoses, Ina Kaur, Joseph Lappie, Tavis Lester, Jeremy Lundquist, Christina McClelland, David Mohallatee, Mark Mowan, Lori Niemtschk, Gail Panske, Ellen Price, Patrick Reed, Kirsten Reinke, Meda Rives & Veda Rives, Lyle Salmi, Nick Satinover, Brian Selke, Joan Smit, Mariana Smith, Donna Stallard, Shane Stritesky, Crystal Wagner, Chase Wire, Sarah Wiseman, Jared Wittenmyer, and Kay Zuelsdorff.

Timeline exhibition, Graduate Studio, Douglas Street, Bloomington, October 5, 2007. Julia Goos and Lori Niemtschk organized the Frontiers in Printmaking open exchange portfolio. Participating conference attendees responded to the theme of Timeline, submitted editions of 12 impressions, using any archival printmaking process, fitting within the size requirements of 5 x 7 inches and not thicker than 1/16 inch. Ten of the prints from each edition weree redistributed to other participants, one complete set of prints iss housed in the Normal Editions Workshop Archive, and a second complete set of prints was exhibited and sold in support of Illinois State University's printmaking program.

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