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A print roller icon with text Printmaker, Interrupted.

Printmaker, Interrupted

This exhibition is the result of a call for entries highlighting works created in the spirit of printmaking during the Covid-19 pandemic global response of “shelter in place” and “stay at home” conditions which displaced most art students and faculty from the facilities vital for their media. The call was open for two weeks in April 2020 welcoming all media used in the creative process as students and faculty worked from home with limited resources.

About the Organizers

Jess Dowell and Tess Murphy are the undergraduate students at Illinois State University who work in Normal Editions for independent study credit, Spring 2020. Jess is a BFA in Printmaking, Painting, and Graphic Design with a minor in Art History and Tess is a BFA in Printmaking with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. As part of work suddenly being done at home due to ‘Shelter in Place’ we thought it would be a good project to reach out to many artists who are in the same predicament where creating work in a proper printmaking studio has been temporarily interrupted. We would like to see how others are coming up with ways to make artwork in the spirit of printmaking using creative problem solving techniques.


This call was open to current college and university students and faculty who are experiencing “shelter in place” and “stay at home” conditions which have limited their printmaking options. Entries are digital images of the works created in the spirit of printmaking. All media were welcomed in the creative process. All work submitted must have been completed “at home” during the global response to Covid-19 in 2020.

We are excited to have 125 entries which came from 27 states and 3 countries outside the USA, representing 50 schools showing diverse and creative examples of art produced from home despite limitations while being Printmakers, Interrupted.

Artists Included

Merrick Adams, Jill Adler, Isabel Arevalo, Nicole Arnold, Veda Rives Aukerman & Meda Rives Smith, Kristen Bartel, Emily Bealer, Joe Beam, Amit Cassandra Ben-Baruch, Tay Bomstein, Savannah Bowling, Phyllis Bramson, Matthew Brunetti, Bryn Burningham, Kristen Byrne, Catherine Chauvin, Alexis Coffel, EJ Coolidge, Therese Croft, Jessica Dehen, Juliebeth Delgado, Allison Denny, Ashley DeVan, Valerie Dibble, Kaitlyn DiBiase, Autumn Doney, Jess Dowell, Kate Duffy, Julia Edelmann, Tracy Featherstone, Domenic Feola, Peytin Fitzgerald, Kate Forer, Liam de Freese, Steve Garst, Elżbieta Gibulska, Judy Glantzman, Kendall Gott, Taylor Guntharp, Cedar Heffelfinger, Manuel Hernandez, Lydia Hershauer, Sara Hess, Sue Hettmansperger, Brandon Huelskamp, Ina Kaur, Sarah Kinard, Lisa Jungmin Lee, Brooke Leland, Jiaqi Li, Chenyu Lin, Mallory Lucas, Upneet Kaur Mair, Rachel Mantel, Libby Marx, Simon Mason, Elena Masrour, Leslie Mata, Roberto Torres Mata, Sarah McClymond, Matthew McLaughlin, Hugh Merrill, Dilara Miller, David Mohallatee, Virginia Moore, Donna Moran, Tess Murphy, Meli Nava, Haley Noelle, Rhea Nowak, Sam Oetinger and Jordan Munoz, Shivam Pawar, Margaret Perez, Johnny Plastini, Tyrone Quigley, Breanna Rechtenbaugh, Macy Reynolds, Grace Ritchie, Jess Rodriguez, Sophie Rogers, Quinn Russo, Kristin Sarette, Carley Schmidt, Erika Shiba, Neoshia Shockley, Robert Shoemaker, Holly Patton Shull, Branstarr Sihanath, Skylar Silva, Rachel Singel, Maddi Bryce Smith, Mike Sonnichsen, Carlin Spinney, Yanqi Sun, Taro Takizawa, Jackson Taylor, Sean Topel, Cody Tracy, Francesca Travagli, Livie Wang, Sarah Whorf, Lily Wieleba, Ezra Wilson, Julia Wozny, Jenny Wu, Anna Yates, and Nesto Yero